Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Sided Patterned Puff Heart Pendant Tutorial


Alternate Cross Pattern Tutorial

Since writing the tutorial/article on using the rolling mill I have received e mails from artists interested in the technique, but not ready to take the plunge to get a rolling mill...at least not yet.  I understand this, as I have been wanting a hydraulic press for years and have been tentative to make this purchase for various reasons.  This information started my wheels turning on how metal could be patterned and "puffed" simply by using tools found on most jeweler's benches without a rolling mill or a hydraulic press.  After much head scratching I had an idea that involved using acrylic that I had purchased at a rubber stamp convention years ago.  I grabbed a 2X2 acrylic square and some patterned brass and went to work attempting to combine the techniques of patterning and "puffing" the same piece of metal.

 2X2 Acrylic Square being prepared for the "Puff/Hydraulic-Look"

 Preparing the patterned brass for the "Pattern/Rolling Mill-Look"

  My first attempt was successful, so I tried it again and again until I was confident that this discovery was not just a fluke, but a successful process.  What I discovered is that this technique requires heat.  The metal has to be annealed, there is no way around it.  Once I had figured this out, I set my sights for creating a tutorial.  Since I wanted to share not only the processes, but a finished piece, there was a lot of photographing to capture nearly each movement that I made through the lens of my camera.

It amazes and excites me to meld the process of making jewelry with photographing each stage and then post processing and editing the photos for ease of viewing.  The mind thinks differently when trying to figure out how to put each step into photos.  It is like two layers of art; making the jewelry while photographing.  My mind and my heart are at peace with this form of creativity.  So, after months of creating prototypes, photographing, writing and arranging I present to you the Two Sided Patterned Puff heart Pendant Tutorial (including the alternate cross pattern), which can be found at Jewelrylessons.com. http://www.jewelrylessons.com/tutorial/two-sided-patterned-puff-heart-pendant