Sunday, August 5, 2012



"Surprise" is what I got when my lovely neighbor gave me a bouquet of roses, buds and sunflower in a hurricane glass vase.  Let me explain.  About three years ago we moved into a new neighborhood in a condo and I had a dream come true.  We moved smack dab in the middle of two lovely neighbors.  The lady on our right is my 82 year old walking buddy who gets up early and encourages me to walk each day, which is terribly necessary for this diet of mine to work effectively. The three ladies on our left are equally as wonderful.  One of these ladies is a jewelry artist who specializes in making pieces with gemstones and fine silver metal clay.  I love and own some of her work.  So, back to the surprise.  Yesterday the jewelry artist neighbor knocked on our door and had a bouquet of flowers and some home made chocolate cupcakes with white icing.  I wonder who told her that this was my most favorite treat in the world.  I can't imagine life without tuxedo cupcakes.  As she gave me the flowers she mentioned that before I toss out that water in the vase of the flowers that I should examine the bottom of the vase closely.  Still fixed on the sugary goodness slathered with white butter-cream icing I nodded and closed the door to our condo.  I ask you, "What the heck is better than sugar and flowers?"  Oh, perhaps diamonds and gemstones.  Right? 

                                 Here is the bouquet that was handed to me

I took the bouquet into my house to find a conspicuous place to show off those lovely petals and glossy leaves.  I finally decided on the coffee table, but before I placed them down I decided to see what the "surprise" was at the bottom of the vase.  I love surprises, but I am rarely surprised, as I seem to have a keen sense of intuition that holds me back from actually being surprised. 

Upon closer inspection this is what I found at the bottom of the vase

I could hardly believe my eyes.  What I had initially thought were marbles were actually faceted bits of glittery things.  Today I would discover that these were semi precious gemstones from my neighbor's personal stash.  Whoo hoo!!  

Here is a closer view of some of the stones
And do you know what I did after I made this amazing discovery?  I grabbed a big spoon out of our silverware drawer to pull some of the gemstones out to touch them and see them and to examine the facets.  Now I know how a pirate feels when they find their hidden treasure.  Okay, so maybe that is a little overboard, but I'd like to say that I found a treasure at the bottom of that vase.  I am thankful for this gift and even more thankful for such amazing neighbors.  
Out of the water and into my hands

The beautiful sunflower among the thorns of roses

A setting of one of the gemstones given to me by my neighbor
inspired by tutorial by Abby Hook "Love Penant"

Since many of you are jewelry artists I would love to have your input on wire wrapping these pretty gemstones.  I like to work in silver round wire and have wrapped a couple gemstones different ways, but I think that I will be needing some more ideas to keep my hands busy. 

As always thank you for visiting my blog.