Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Hinged Wire Woven Earring Tutorial on Etsy

Hello Everyone.  To think that over a year ago I wanted to create my very own tutorial and now I have three completed!!  That was a dream of mine to create at least one lesson and share it with other people wanting to know how to contort wire into functional shapes.  The process is a lengthy one to complete one tutorial, but when it is finished I get that same feeling I get when I turn the last page of a good book.  I want more!!  So this means that I will start working on my next tutorial.

This tutorial can be found on Etsy at:

About this tutorial:  This one is different from the others in that I didn't use sheet metal for any components.  Everything is done with wire to create a hinged earring.  See the photo below to see the moveable hinge:
The reason for creating a hinge is to show how this hinging is possible while incorporating the hinge wire into the design.  Why is this important?  This will allow for a more fluid design following making the hinge instead of using a rivet or swirls or a curled wire at either side of the hinge.  Using this technique doesn't make it necessarily better than the others, but gives the artist another option in their design.  The hinge also allows for a movement in the piece that would otherwise be stationary.  This hinge can also be used in bracelets and was actually intended for this use, however I felt this earring design to be pretty groovy, so went with it.

This design can be done in any soft metal such as silver, gold fill, gold or copper.  Below, see the copper earring.  This is my mother's favorite (Christmas present?  Perhaps!!):

For the design of the earring I used a pear shaped briolette.  After I photograph, write and put all the steps into a document I then work the tutorial myself just to be certain that it works smoothly.  When I was done I created this pair of earrings out of a triangle bead and with more chains.
This tutorial was a great adventure.  Now, on to my next one!!  I'm thinking a chakra barrel bead pendant done with metal forging, wire wrapping and chains.  Gotta love those chains!!

Thank you.