Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 2!!

Thanks to my husband, Mike, I now have a place to put my jewelry thoughts, photos and ideas to pen and paper (so to speak).  Last night we worked on the logistics for getting set up on blogger and Scribd.  Computers are a different language for me, so this was very helpful. 

If you click on the pdf link below you will have the opportunity to see my first posting, which is a pictorial lesson on how to use the rolling mill.  With the help of many people this lesson has come to fruition.  The lesson contains dozens of photos, instructions and tips for using the rolling mill.  I designed this lesson for the person starting off with a new rolling mill or for the artist interested in understanding the rolling mill before purchasing one.  I encourage anyone making this purchase a consideration to look at this free lesson and to ask me any questions that are left unanswered after looking at the lesson.  

Why did I create a rolling mill lesson plan?  A couple of years ago, I took a strong interest in wanting to learn about etching metal, as patterned metals appealed to me.  I found the etching process daunting, as I didn't care to have the acids required to etch silver in my house. All pathways, during my research to patterning metals, led to the rolling mill.  After perusing the Internet for a lengthy period I found very little on the process.  The few articles that I did find were helpful to me.  Once I had spent some time with the mill and through trial and error I finally became more comfortable with patterning metals with the rolling mill.  I use my rolling mill almost exclusively for patterning sterling silver and copper. I had vowed to myself that once I became more comfortable with using the rolling mill that I would share what I have learned with others in hope that they could follow an untapped creative muse. 

This lesson was a collaborative effort.  Thanks to Tela, Mike, Astraea, Bruce and Tracey for editing the tutorial and offering constructive suggestions; to Tela for helping me with computer and Photoshop logistics and her constant support; to Ronnie for his quick action to make sure that I had appropriate photo software; to Art and Julie for supporting me from day one by making sure that I have all the right tools and supplies; and a big thanks to Mike who has supported every thing about what I do creatively. 

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