Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Art as a Personal Journey

What does art mean to you?  How does it resonate with your soul?  How would you describe art if you were asked?  These are all questions that I asked myself this morning. 

I had not intended to feel philosophical about my artistic feelings, but outside forces shifted my focus to look at this glaringly today.  I am thankful that this opportunity arose early this morning as I was walking around our neighborhood lake. 

I was challenged this morning to think of art as a personal journey when someone close to me noticed my OM tattoo for the first time.  This person mentioned to me, “Art should be viewed on a wall, not on the skin.”  I am human and my first feeling was one of defensiveness, but that gave way to introspective thoughts about what art meant to me and how others perceive my art or how I perceive the art of others. 

As long as no living thing was harmed art is neither wrong nor right.  A gamut of emotions can follow when viewing art.  Take the tattoo, for example, the reaction of the person viewing it was one of unpleasantness.  I can think of a host of reasons why body art doesn’t appeal to some.  So, in a sense, the art of a tattoo can elicit a response that can be visceral, entertaining or even spiritual.  That is art. 

Artwork is something that is visualized or experienced and evokes a response.  Just because the response isn’t always favorable doesn’t make it true art.  In fact, some great artists attempt to challenge the person experiencing the art to feel something other than pleasantness. 

I thought about the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.”  If I am a beginning artist and I artistically create something that brings me great joy, then I am happy.  If I am a seasoned artist and something I make doesn’t seem finished then, I am not happy.  So who wins?  I guess it would be the person who connected spiritually to the experience.  You could line up ten people from different artistic strata and ask them to critique the work of a young artist and they might change the vantage point of that artist, but nothing can take away that feeling of actually creating something for the first time.  That critiquing is where the great conflict emerges.  

So, I challenge you to create.  Find your artist within.  Ask no one if what you design is good enough.  If it connects with you spiritually and gives you a sense of fulfillment, then you have released the artist you know is evolving.  I use the word “evolving” because artistry work is a process of constant evolution.  The more we think and work like an artist the more we feel the role.  

My OM Tattoo

Seed=design idea
Bud=playing with the design
Blossom=feeling the design ignite your spirituality 
Release the fragrant nature=feeling fulfilled with the design
Reseeding=sprouting new design ideas from the original seed
~Susan Barzacchini

Feel the shift within by creating your own bouquet that makes you feel accomplished. 
Namaste, Susan

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  1. Hmmm... Good food for thought. I find that I am at a loss for words. It's not easy to spill them out over something so deep and personal. It requires thought. :) But, your advice is very good. I also like to say it like the Nike commercials do. "Just do it!" I think if you have something in you that wants out, then it will find it's way through your hand to whatever medium you choose. You just have to do it, start it, so it will have a chance.


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